Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kylemore Abbey

Well, I had a beautiful post written, with loads of text to go along with the pictures and BlogPress crashed... That will teach me... Save along the way. So, since I don't feel like writing an epoch again, I will just say a few things and then post a lot of pictures below. The grounds of Kylemore Abbey are breathtaking. The house is beautiful; the Neo-Gothic Church contains a ton of gardening elements carved in stone; the extended woodland walk is everything I'd hoped (and I am thankful to have an indulgent husband willing to walk it with me even though nature isn't his thing), and the gardens... Wow!!! The Fuchsia, which the nuns paint on pottery and grows in shrubs all around the property is much different than the fuchsia I have seen in pots in the states. But it is quite a delicate and understated looking flower until you get up close and see how pretty it is. Our camera battery began dying near the gardens so the pictures are darker than I would have liked. But you will get the idea of the grandeur of this garden. From the vegetables to the formal garden, it is all landscaped so precisely. So nice!

Crooked smiley face tree with ferns sticking out of his ears.

Gian tree! Makes me look skinnier!!

This last one is of the outer garden wall... The mountain in the background... Ah... This place is heaven. Is it too late for me to become an Irish Benedictine Nun?

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  1. Thanks for sharing the unbelievable sights!