Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Worm Compost Versus Organic Potting Mix

Just a quick note to show you all what a difference worm compost can make:

Note that the leaves, stem, and probably the roots as well on the Grandpa Charlie Tomato plant on the right are bigger, thicker and healthier than the same variety on the left.

These tomato plants were planted at the end of January and I've controlled the environment fairly well. Except for a few nights where they got a little cooler than expected on the porch.

I have topped off all of my tomato plants varieties with a bit of worm compost with the hope they will get a little boost before planting after April 15th.

I will also be saving all my worm compost from this point forward for my seed starts for next year. I will not be making any further purchases of organic potting mix! I've had to pluck a few extra sprouts because the compost is not sterilized, but I certainly think this might be worth the trouble of a few sprouts!

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