Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gorgeous day in NC!

It was a gorgeous Easter Sunday today! We went to mom's house and my kids and my great nephew colored and hunted eggs. We had our family celebration of Oz's birthday. He turns three on the April 30th.

We had a great meal that included a strawberry spinach salad. I have an abundant amount of spinach in my garden right now.

Tonight I brought Oz outside to let him play with his new gardening tools, gloves, and one of his new Tonka trucks. This gave me a great opportunity to fertilize, water, weed, and do some maintenance!

I wanted to share a recent tool purchase. It is a small folding hand saw that looks like a pocket knife on steroids.

I am calling it my Qis. I am a huge Star Trek fan and this tool reminds me a lot of a Klingon weapon bearing that name.

I bought it for $5 from Dollar General and I use it for everything: sawing down small trees, picking at particularly nasty poke roots, squishing bugs, pulling grape vines through the trellis, and getting underneath a nasty clump of grass! I've definitely gotten my $5 worth out of it! I am sure General Kang would have many better purposes for a Qis, but since I am just a puny human, I will not be using my Qis in battles to the death so I can get into Sto'vo'kor. Tonight and yesterday I used it to get rid of the ever persistent trees that plague my garden, hopefully once and for all. Which is kind of a battle to the death, I suppose! Here is a before and after I used my Qis and my battle gauntlets (gardening gloves) to defeat the herbaceous hordes:

I then used my goggles of ultimate sight (glasses) to defeat a certain little guy who has been eating my cabbage and broccoli plants.

I hunted and hunted and finally found the culprit... Can you find him? It is a little like Where's Waldo, he looks a lot like a cabbage leaf. He is compost now. Quite a bit flatter than he started as well!

I also watered my garden really well as things were looking a tad dry. When I water, I can see the green popping against the brown and black of the growing medium so much better. I discovered quite a few things... Beans, Parsley, Cucumbers, Squash, and Zucchini are all peeking through now!

As you can see, I am also having some crab grass issues! I also discovered blooms on my mammoth melting peas!

To close today, I will give you a little idea of what is happening right now as I type. I am seated upon my favorite camp chair, and I hear no fewer than seven distinct bird calls. I also hear some bats chattering, crickets chirping, children playing, and a tree frog croaking. A beautiful brown bird has come to visit my grape arbor and to scavenge a bit from my garden. I've seen some large juicy worms in there, but she seems to prefer nibbling my lettuce. I don't mind sharing a bit. Maybe she has babies to feed as well.

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