Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So excited!

The kids and I spent the day cleaning the yard, mowing, weeding, and preparing for planting this weekend. I began clearing the fence wall, mowed the whole 1.3 acres, edged my garden, trimmed small trees away from the larger ones, cut down a dying peach tree, wove my grape vine into the trellis a bit, planted a few more sun flowers, added to my compost piles, put some coffee grounds into the garden, dug holes for thirty tomato plants and significantly added color to my farmer's tan!

Ooh! And I discovered this:

Evie found some newly hatched spiders while I was mowing. We didn't want to mow over them, so we took a couple of jars and relocated them to the garden. They took up residence in the jar and were still there at dusk. Pretty little things! Tiny and orange. There had to be a hundred or more!

My back yard is looking really nice. I'd love to add some lasagna beds to the front yard and side of my house. I can only expand my back yard garden beds so much before I have to start chopping down trees. Unless it is a yucky old black walnut, I'm not doing that!

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