Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trying to increase my mood

I skipped out on an opportunity to go to Taekwondo class today. I have kind of been feeling a little hermit like. Honestly, I am just seriously tired. Activities for our school year are winding down a bit and my activities in my garden are really gearing up. My grapes have come out and are growing like crazy. The established red grape has all kinds of babies on it and the small one is really starting to grow.

My black berries are covered in blooms! I'm so excited!

I've got broccoli and spinach I will harvest tomorrow along with some green onions and baby lettuce.

My broccoli is beautiful this year, but I have some problem poke weeds I need to destroy!

I also discovered today that my parsley and asparagus are up and my sunflowers are developing nicely!

The only thing I am really disappointed in and I have not snapped pictures of are my strawberries. I weeded the bed, but they are really are puny and pathetic this year. I may go buy some more mature plants to put in there. I have three strawberries, one is pink and I am hoping to beat the birds to it. I am heading out tomorrow morning in search of strawberries to pick at a farm to take and share with my mom.

I am craving fresh produce desperately! Can't wait to partake tomorrow!

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